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Knowledge and research insights during war time

A research-based tool for developing a dialogue with toddlers and children around written stories developed by Prof. Tzipi Horowitz Kraus and the Educational Neuro Imaging Group from the Technion is presented in the link below: Israeli children experience the events of war in different ways. Some talk about things and

How language development supports reading acquisition

We are conducting a fascinating project, examining the acquisition of reading skills among 5 year old children. The study examines the development of reading abilities before, during and after first grade.

Language development among toddlers during COVID quarantine: preliminary results

The results of two different studies conducted during the COVID pandemic (Bergmann et al., 2022; Kartushina et al., 2021) suggest that the language development of toddlers was accelerated during the first quarantine. The study, conducted in 13 countries and including more than a thousand families, showed that despite the lack of external social interaction,

The secret executive director of reading: executive functions

Is reading such an intuitive and easy task for everyone? Unfortunately not. There are many cognitive processes involved in this complex behavior and while reading a text can be a completely effortless task for most people, others encounter great difficulties in it. However, it can be remediated! And this is

Ask the neuroscientist – activity for children

Dear children and parents, Thank you for such a fun and interesting "Ask the Brain Researcher" session. This time, we focused on the topic: "Attention Skills". We were very happy to meet you, answer your questions, play and learn. We will see you very soon at our next session! :D   The staff of the

How screen time affects our children’s brains – Webinar

“How screen time affects our children’s brains” with Dr Tzipi Horowitz-Kraus How does too much screen time actually affect our children’s brain development, what is even considered “too much” and how do we manage it effectively? -webinar- Thursday, March 11th, 2021 18:00 UK - 19:00 EU - 20:00 Israel Register: We all know that too

Language Development During the Coronavirus Quarantine – New Study!

The impact of the Coronavirus quarantine on language development in children up to 3 years old As parents, we know that quality time with our children is usually accompanied by stories, songs, games or any other joint activity that involves conversation and eye contact. However, in "real life" our children are exposed

Frontiers for young minds

Frontiers is a leading publisher in multiple scientific fields. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, Frontiers in Aging and Frontiers in Medicine are just some examples of their worldly renowned scientific journals. One of their most recent journals is called Frontiers for YOUNG MINDS, which is a scientific journal aimed at making cutting-edge science

Fun Activities for quality time with your children!

Mindfulness training by Muda center, IDC Herzliya: Frontiers for young minds: 50 Plus Easy Indoor Activities For Kids by "hello, Wonderful": Disney and Kennedy Space Center offer free online activities for children: On the Space Center's Facebook page, they offer science lessons on a variety of topics related to space

The role of executive functions in Hebrew-speaking children

We examine the role of executive functions in reading in children aged 8-12. The purpose of this study is to examine the involvement of executive functions in reading and reading improvement in 8-12-years-old children, with normal reading abilities and among children with difficulties. Watch the Educational Neuroimaging Group video: For additional information on fMRI:  

The Importance of Literacy in Young Children

In the study, we examine the language development among toddlers aged 2-3.5-years-old and the brain synchronization between the mother and the child using EEG, while performing various activities around stories reading and listening.