What to expect when participating in a neuroimaging study?


MRI sounds

The following audio files demonstrate the sounds produced by an MRI machine, so that the children can get use to these sounds before arriving to the scanner

1. Behavioral testing

When you come for a visit to our center, we will work on some language, reading, and other abilities related to learning; like memory, attention, speed, and more.



2. A visit in the MRI suite

The MRI is a big magnet, just like the magnets you have at home on your refrigerator. The special thing about our magnet is that it can show us how your brain looks from the inside and also how it works.The MRI can also show us the structure of different items that have water in them, like your brain and even fruits and vegetables



We will sign some forms to make sure you don’t have any metal inside your body.


 We will then make sure that you don’t have any metal in your pockets.



We will first practice some of the games we will play outside of the MRI machine.



And, we will also practice the “staying still like a statue” position, which is very important for getting clear, non-blurry pictures of your brain.



This is what a blurry picture looks like, when you move while someone takes a picture of you,



and this is how the picture looks when you stay still like a statue!


And what does your brain look like when you move?

Well, it looks very blurry, and we won’t be able to see how your brain looks and how it works…
 So, you can practice with your parents how it feels to stay still like a statue. First for 20 seconds, then for one minute, then for 5 minutes, and then 10 minutes… have you succeeded?

We will pick a movie to watch inside the MRI… which movie would you like to watch?



and then we can go inside….

Oh, wow, look at this invisible dog that goes into the MRI…..



We will put on the headphones so you can listen to the movie, but you can also hear us talking to you and the headphones will protect your ears from the banging noises of the MRI. The noise of the MRI can be loud. The reason you hear these banging noises is that it takes a picture of your brain every time you hear a “click”, just like in a camera. But, since the MRI is much bigger than a camera, the “clicks” it makes are also louder.

First, we will lie down on the bed….




…and then we will put on our astronaut helmet! Yeah – we can go into space now!!



We will hold the buttons to see how well you can push them inside the MRI,

and…. Off we go!

That was easy! Great job! Now, let’s look at your brain…



You stayed still like a statue! Good job!!