Gallery: Social Gathering

Purim celebration, March 2024

We were pleased to invite parents and children to celebrate Purim with us at the Lab.

Visit of Beit Yeoshua school to the Lab , February 2024

Farewell party, Lior, September 2023

Vegan food tour, Haifa, August 2023

Open doors day, May 2023

We were pleased to invite some families, parents and children, interested in our brain and cognition experiments!

Rosh Hashana, September 2022

Lab lunch, March 2022

Purim celebration, February 2022

Prof. Horowitz-Kraus birthday celebration, August 2021

Visit to the Haifa Cultural Center – Bet Hagefen, July 2021

MSc Graduation of Noam, Ohad, Ifat, Emma and George, September 2020

New year’s virtual toast, September 2020

Purim, March 2020

Farewell party, Noam and Sapir, Feb 2020

Birthday parties Raya, Noam and Nofar, Dec 2019

Hanukkah, Dec 2019

Birthday party to Ilana and Sapir, October 2019

A toast for the new year (Sep. 2019):

End of academic year gathering (July 2019):

Purim 2019:

Hanuka and Christmas celebrations (Dec. 2018):

A toast for the new year (Sep. 2018):

End of academic year gathering (June 2018):

Chocolate workshop, (Oct. 2017):