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Screen exposure in children and brain activation – A conversation with Rino Tzror


“A conversation with Prof. Tzipi Horowitz-Kraus about reading from birth.”

The process of reading is often associated with preparation for school, but in fact the preparation for reading takes place from birth and even before that. In a fascinating episode with Prof. Tzipi Horowitz-Kraus, we discussed brain imaging in children, executive functions, and the relationship between language, speech and

The secret life of our children online

While we take our first steps in the intricacies of new technologies, children and teenagers master them easily. They learn, consult and create online, also in artificial intelligence generators. Experts from the fields of science and medicine, advertising, education and cyber describe: This is what the rich and complex digital

Education for children from birth until two years

In a letter to the Minister of Education Yoav Kish, dozens of academics say that the proposed reform, which will be discussed tomorrow in the Prime Minister's Office, could miss the opportunity to improve the quality of early childhood education. They called on Kish to invest first in stabilization and

Improved language development after quarantine (HaAretz news)

Toddler language development accelerated in the first quarantine. The study, conducted in 13 countries among more than a thousand families, showed that despite the lack of frameworks - the rate of toddler language development has not slowed. Read the full article here

Don’t wait; communicate. Children and screens

Children are more exposed to more digital media today than ever before, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted so much of their educational and social lives online. Read the full article here: Minds On The Media - 10 Tips For Improving Children’s Cognitive Development In A Digital World | NEWS-Line for

Language development among toddlers during COVID quarantine: preliminary results

The results of two different studies conducted during the COVID pandemic (Bergmann et al., 2022; Kartushina et al., 2021) suggest that the language development of toddlers was accelerated during the first quarantine. The study, conducted in 13 countries and including more than a thousand families, showed that despite the lack of external social interaction,

The secret executive director of reading: executive functions

Is reading such an intuitive and easy task for everyone? Unfortunately not. There are many cognitive processes involved in this complex behavior and while reading a text can be a completely effortless task for most people, others encounter great difficulties in it. However, it can be remediated! And this is

The Magical Art of Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Study the Reading Brain

This is a paper published in frontiers for Young Minds, the scientific journal for children! A recent paper by our colleague Prof. Nadine Gaab, in which she explains how we can study the activity of the brain using MRI.

A Virtual Hug from Grandpa and Grandma

As a developmental neuroscientist focusing on language and reading development, I value the importance of literacy exposure and storytelling to children’s development, starting from birth. Human interaction and eye contact, while reading stories to children, triggers neural networks related to attention, language and imagination in the young brain which sets the foundation

Infants’ education in Israel (interview in Hebrew)

Link to the full interview here:

Brain mapping in the age of COVID 19: Global insights

Institutions throughout the world have had to adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many scanning centres shut their doors during lockdown, and have had to reopen gradually, and carefully. We surveyed several labs from around the world - to find out the challenges they’ve experienced and, in a few cases, the

Bringing great minds together and signaling to OHBM in Rome, Human Brain Mapping 1st Conference

Israel is a small country, approximately 400 km long north to south and 25 km width at its narrowest point. Despite its small size, Israel is home to six large universities and this year hosted the 1st Human Brain Mapping conference. This inaugural conference aimed to bring together neuroimaging researchers from each

Our Brain is a Movie Director! Article in “ynet” (in Hebrew)

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Screen vs. reading time (in Hebrew)

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Neuronal correlates for screen vs reading time (interview in Hebrew)

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Screen exposure in children (interview in Hebrew)

Listen to the full radio interview in Galey Zahar (Efi Triger) by clicking here.